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About Us

At Leonard Wealth Management, we’re passionate about reducing and managing risk. 

We believe after a lifetime of working, you should consider your financial accounts as irreplaceable capital and treat them as such. 

We’re always working to stay on top of our game using innovative methods to help us better serve our clients in a proactive way. To this end, we utilize an array of techniques to help us achieve maximum results, like checklists, workflows, and procedures, allowing us to stay totally focused on our clients and their needs. 

Let us help you potentially reduce your risk and maximize your financial potential, so you can spend your retirement future the way you’ve always dreamed.


J. Cain Leonard, CEP®, MCEP®
Master Certified Estate Planner™

With more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, Cain’s goal is simple - to help his clients achieve theirs.  In 1959, his father, Joseph “Joe” C. Leonard, started the practice right here in Lincolnton, with Cain joining him in 1984. Offering financial counsel has always felt more like a calling.

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